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Custom Homes

Our expertise with custom homes provides on-time and on-budget results.

Luxury House

Grow Your Vision

When you are interested in learning more about custom homes, you want a great team of contractors that can handle just about anything to make sure your dream becomes a reality. Here at C2C Contracting, we make sure to bring on the most professional, licensed subcontractors, so that every detail of your new home is completed to your complete satisfaction.

Our reliability during the construction of custom homes is one thing that sets us apart from other home builders. We stay on track for the timeline that was first developed and provide you with regular updates along the way, so you remain in the loop and confident all is going according to plan. We have been building custom homes in the Collingwood area since 2004, so we have experience not only with the build itself but with the process that makes our customers feel at ease.

Another way we excel is our determination to seek out the best quality and prices on the materials and supplies needed when building custom homes. From the framing materials to the roofing, windows, doors, and more, we are confident you’ll love the results. With our extensive network of contractors and material suppliers, our custom homes finish on-time and on-budget.

Top Benefits of Custom Homes

At C2C Contracting, we have worked with dozens of families in the Collingwood, Ontario area since 2004 to create custom homes that provide virtually unlimited benefits. If you are on the fence about going with a pre-designed floor plan, an existing property, or a custom home, we want to share with you a few benefits of custom homes that you should keep in mind.

  •  Unique- The world is already far too full of look-alikes, and if you want to break that mold, consider custom homes so your home can properly reflect your personality and lifestyle.

  •  Everything is New- One of the biggest dangers of buying an existing home is facing one repair or replacement expense after another after you just put much of your available funds into buying it. New custom homes put you on day one with the electrical, plumbing, appliances, HVAC, and other components. You’ll have plenty of time to work on that replacement budget.

  • No Baggage- It can be a little unnerving to find out you have inherited a problem that an existing dwelling has. Even the most careful home inspections can miss things.

  • Modern Lifestyle- Custom homes give you the ability to incorporate things that are relative to how today’s family lives that might not be present in an existing or even a pre-designed floor plan that was developed years ago. For example, kitchen islands, media rooms, home offices, pantries, and large walk-in closets aren’t always found going back even a couple years.

  • Energy Efficiency- There have been many advances in insulation and other energy-saving materials in recent years, and they can be easily integrated into custom homes.

If you have any questions about custom homes, our company is ready to sit down and work out the plans for your new home, contact us today.

We look forward to handling your new construction or even any renovations you might need for your current home.

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