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Door Installation

We do door installation right.


Installing a door may seem like a miniscule project. In theory,
the project simply involves removing the old door and securing
the new door on its hinges. In reality, the process can be
time-consuming, and without the right tools and knowledge,
it’s difficult to install the door correctly and securely.

If you have a new door to install at your home in Collingwood,

eliminate the potential frustration of the project and leave

everything to our team at C2C Contracting. Since 2004, we

have become the Collingwood area’s top source for all things

home renovations and construction, door installation

included. Let us install your door, and we will do the


  • Remove the old door carefully as to avoid any damage to the surrounding area. We will also dispose of the old door if you no longer want it.

  • Remove the new door from its packaging and carefully measure the empty space to ensure everything will fit.

  • Use the right tools to carefully secure the door in its place.

  • Test the new door to make sure it seals correctly, shuts all the way, and opens and closes without hitting anything in its vicinity.

    Note that we can also install doors of all sizes, from large, double-entry doors to singular bedroom doors throughout your entire home.

For door installation done right, turn to our team for quality workmanship.
For further information about our installation services and what they entail, reach out to us at C2C Contracting today.

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