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For new or replacement drywalling,
count on us for quality.

There are two times when drywalling needs to be done meticulously – when it is going to be painted or wallpapered and when it will be covered with something else such as paneling. Okay, you guessed right — always needs to be done properly! Here at C2C Contracting, we provide the Collingwood area with quality drywalling that you can count on to be the perfect surface for whatever you plan to do next.


We offer drywalling for new construction, renovations, and to repair an area where the drywalling has become damaged or wasn’t done properly the first time. We can also follow up with interior painting, so you won’t have to call on yet another contractor to finish your project. Since opening in 2004, we have developed a strong network of both material providers and contractors to ensure that your drywalling project results meet your expectations for quality and staying on the timeline initially established.

Because we are a full-service contractor, we can resolve any issues which might interfere with your drywalling results. For example, if the initial framing wasn’t done properly, we can make the necessary adjustments. We can also replace old drywalling that may not have been the right quality for the project, such as standard drywalling being located in a high-humidity area.

If you have any questions about drywalling or would like to schedule an appointment and quote for your project, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to serving your construction needs.

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