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Home Renovatiolns

We have the resources and connections to ensure that your home renovations are just what you imagined in Collingwood.

While there is a constant trend to take on home renovations as a DIY project, most homeowners don’t realize that the television programs that make it look easy aren’t giving you the bigger picture. In fact, home renovations can be expensive, time consuming, and frustrating when you don’t have the right tools or skill set for the job at hand.

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Retaining Walls

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Beach Deck


Metal Garage Doors


At C2C Contracting, we can take the hassles and stress out of your home renovation project in Collingwood by providing the materials needed and connecting you with the top contractors in the area. Not only do we offer fast turnaround times so your home renovations are completed on-schedule, but we also have the resources to ensure that you receive the services you need.

Whether you’re giving your home’s exterior a fresh face or you have some interior painting that needs a professional touch, you won’t have to look far to get you the results you have imagined for your home. We’ll always make sure you are fully satisfied with the work that’s been done, and you’ll know that you can rely on us at C2C Contracting for all your home renovations and construction projects for the future.

Top Reasons for Specific Home Renovations

There is always a thought process that goes into choosing which home renovations to tackle at your Collingwood, Ontario home each year. It is wise to have an annual project in mind so you can keep your home current, preserving and increasing its value in smaller bites than doing everything at once. Here are a few of the home renovations we can assist you with here at C2C Contracting and specific reasons to choose each of them.

  1. Doors & Windows – The top reason to choose this one is for energy efficiency, although home security, reducing maintenance, and adding value are all good reasons to upgrade your doors & windows.

  2. Roofing – If you don’t keep up with roofing maintenance or repairs and water damage occurs, your home remodeling project could become a home salvage operation, costing substantially more.

  3. Siding – The key reason to upgrade your home’s siding is to protect your home from the elements. However, aesthetic value, lower maintenance costs, and added insulation are also benefits to consider.

  4. Gazebos – It is always nice to have additional outdoor living space, especially if your home is a bit on the cozy side or you enjoy entertaining outdoors.

  5. Sunrooms – Need more space? If so, that’s a great reason to have a sunroom installed!

  6. Outdoor Kitchens – There are two reasons that top the list for this improvement: entertaining and not wanting to heat up the kitchen during the summer.

  7. Painting – The trending colours each year give you an opportunity to modernize your home in a cost-efficient manner. Combined with our drywalling services, you can make those ugly walls look stylish and welcoming.

If you have questions about your home renovations or need help finding a qualified professional to complete your project, contact us at C2C Contracting today. We look forward to working with you!

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