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House Framing

Anything less than perfect isn’t good enough for us!

Whether you need house framing for a new home, addition or other renovation, you can turn to us at C2C Contracting for promptness and quality. With our extensive network of material suppliers and contractors, we are able to get work done quickly so that you can be ready for the next phase of your project in no time. We have served Collingwood since 2004 with a wide variety of construction materials and services, earning ourselves a reputation for quality and attention to detail.

Providing homeowners with quality home building solutions for over 25 years

Wooden House Construction

There are a few home improvements that “close enough” might work, but house framing isn’t one of them. If it is not done correctly, the rest of the project is threatened. Everything must be leveled and squared off so that drywall fits appropriately, baseboards set on the floor evenly, doors swing as they should, and windows properly seal. Just a small amount of error can quickly become a major headache. You can have confidence that you won’t run into any problems if we have handled your house framing.

The key to quality house framing is using the right materials and utilizing contractors that install each piece with care. We give both our full attention, so you can be sure your project will work out perfectly. We can also take care of the next phase for you – drywalling. In fact, we can handle everything for your project, whether you are involved with interior or exterior renovations. 


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